Negotiation Makes A Major Difference

nmamWhen I edited a small regional magazine, I once asked a writer who had contributed articles to numerous national slicks if she would be interested in writing for me. I stammered out a figure that nearly choked in my throat because it was so low – $250 for a 2,000-word article. “Is that okay?” I asked.

Picking up on my discomfort, the writer replied: “That’s fine. Frankly, I’m more interested in getting good clips than in payment.”

Can you guess the first thought that flickered in my mind?

a) Delight that I secured the services of a first-rate writer.

b) Relief that she accepted the rate of pay so easily.

c) Excitement over a story …

Freelancing For Moneymakers

flcfmmYou’ve taken the plunge. You have given up other employment and are now, officially, a full-time freelance writer.

Take a morning to revel in the free part. Linger over a second cup of coffee and the morning paper. And when you’ve read all the editorials, most of the comics and jeered at the want ads, put your mind to the lance.

Unlike the tool of a mercenary soldier of the Middle Ages, the lance for us isn’t so much our equipment, but our writing and organizational skills. As with itinerant soldiers of old, most of our job is keeping the lance and ourselves in condition to hit our targets.

Setting Up Shop

Begin with arranging …